Places in Your Kitchen (Probably) Dirtier than a Toilet

Researchers say your kitchen is more germ-infested than your bathroom! In fact, did you know a typical kitchen houses some of the most germ-infested areas and items in the house? It is SO SO important to make sure your kitchen is clean – including these 6 places and tools.


Faucet and Sink

The kitchen sink is the epicenter of everything in your kitchen. From clean and dirty dishes to the fresh fruits and vegetables, dirty hands, poultry and meats, more dirty hands and everything in between. How often do you really give your sink a thorough deep disinfecting cleaning? Changes are not often enough. Make sure to give your faucet and sink as much deep cleaning as you do your countertops.

Tip – Before and after handling food in your sink, be sure to wash it well with hot soapy water.  



Sponge Funk

The sponge is actually the #1 source of germs in your entire house. Just think for a minute of all the gross places you put your sponge, think of just how much and what all it does touch. Eww! Your dish sponge is the item that should be replaced the most frequently, every 2-3 weeks for high use and 4-6 for you non-sponge users.

Tip – In between replacements, you can either boil or microwave it for 2 minutes.


Clean Kitchen Towels

The kitchen towels are easily the 2nd grossest place in your kitchen. Pay attention next time you’re in the kitchen making a meal, note just how many times you touch that towel, what did you touch prior and what did you clean up with that towel. More eww! We dry clean and not really clean hands, we wipe the counters, we dry dishes, wipe out dishes, more funky hands. So much funk!

Tip – I suggest investing in more of, it’s kitchen towels. You ideally want to be changing it a LOT. 


Designate the Cutting Boards

I use a couple of different cleaning techniques on my cutting boards. Hot, soapy water is always a must, but I use boiling water on my plastic board and lemon for the wood boards. I also have designated boards. Poultry is only used on the plastic board, then we separate wood boards for meat and fresh fruits/vegetables.

Tip – You never want to cut chicken on your vegetable board and vice versa, just in there is some bacteria hiding and waiting, it’s not worth the risk.


Clean your Countertop

If your counter is anything like mine, it’s where all the magic happens. All the prep for that foodporn has to happen somewhere. Of course, that’s also where you will find the funky sponge and dish towel. Be sure to disinfect your entire countertop often, especially before and after cooking.

Tip – Try to do most of your food preparation on cutting boards instead of directly on the counter.



Handles and Knobs

How many times a day do you think your refrigerator handle is touched? How many of those times are with freshly clean hands? How many times do you have to open a drawer or cabinet while cooking? Germs, germs and more germs!

Tip – Wipe down these areas as you’re doing the counters after cooking.