5 Easy Home Maintenance Tasks – Do Now and Save $$ Later

We all want to save money whenever possible. How many home maintenance tasks have made it on to your never-ending when I have time list? We’re all guilty of this, but doing these routine maintenance tasks now, will save you big bucks in the long run. Now let’s devise a plan to tackle this list of rather simple maintenance tasks and have happy homes!

HVAC Filters

I’m still rather shocked by how overlooked this home maintenance task is. Chances are, even if you change your HVAC filter every once and a while, you’re still not replacing it often enough. There are now a variety of filters that must be replaced at different times, ranging from 30-90 days. If you have pets, it should be changed more than the suggested time. Remember, this is how your HVAC system breathes. 

Luckily, changing one of these filters is super easy. Start by turning off your HVAC unit. Then, locate the filter(s) and remove the access panels, some homes have more than one filter that must be changed. Simply take the old filter out and replace it with the new one, paying close attention to any arrows to ensure that the filter goes in right-side up. Then, put the access panel back in its place and you’re free to turn the unit back on.


Water Heater Flush

We all know what Florida water is like, build up of some sort is imminent. Now think of how much hot water you use, and where all of that water comes from, your water heater. Many say flushing your water heater is a crucial task that should become part of your regular home maintenance routine. 

Doing so at least once a year helps to ensure the greatest supply of hot water to your home, and also prevents sediment from corroding the water heater’s components.

Since the how-to can vary depending on the type you have, I will say get a screwdriver and garden hose ready, then jump on the handy dandy google or YouTube for proper instructions.


Add Weatherstripping

Some of you may have noticed colder rooms or drafts from certain windows or doors this last winter. Though a little draft here or there or temperature difference may not seem like a big deal, it is. Remember, if the cold gets in during the winter, the heat is getting in during the summer, neither of which we want.

Luckily, weatherstripping can provide a relatively easy fix for this issue. In just a few minutes, you should be able to seal your home uptight. It’s suggested to either do your research prior to going to the store and/or consulting with an associate to ensure you are choosing the right product. Installation is fairly simple, typically with a self-adhesive version and can be found in your local home improvement store.

Helpful Tip – Make sure that you measure both your doors and windows, as well as the weatherstripping product, at least twice before you cut it in order to ensure an accurate length. Make sure the area is thoroughly cleaned prior to applying.



I agree it doesn’t sound like the most ideal way to spend your weekend, but clogged gutters can cause water to pool and leaks to form in the fascia of the house. Over time, this can lead to severe water damage and lead to other problems.

Cleaning out your gutters is a hands-on task. Begin by removing any visible twigs, leaves, and debris. Then, take a garden hose and flush away any remaining dirt. If the water doesn’t drain out of your downspouts, there’s likely a clog. At that point, you’ll need to remove the clog with a plumber’s snake.



Dryer Vents

It was after our move that I realized how important of a task this is. Not only should you be sure to clean out the lint trap regularly, but also the leftover lint in that compartment. Next, pull out the dryer and disconnect the large tube/duct leading outside. Remove and replace tube. Check outside vent to make sure it is also clear of lint or other debris.

Reconnect to outside vent and back of the dryer, push back into place without closing off the tube. If it’s been awhile, or ever, since you’ve done this, you’ll likely notice your dryer works more efficiently. Dryer fires are a very serious and common thing, do NOT skip this task for many reasons. 


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