15 Quick Tips to Get Your Home Sold

For most people, once the thought of moving is in their heads, that’s all that they can think of. Though this isn’t usually the quickest of processes, there are things that you can do to help it go by as quickly as possible. Below are 15 tips that will help ensure that your home gets sold quickly – which means you can move on to your new home sweet home.

15 Tips to Sell Your Home Quick

Clean and/or pressure wash the exterior of your home.

Clean out rain gutters as well as all windows and screens

Spruce up the front door, make sure it’s inviting, typically a paint job can go a long way

Replace outdated lighting fixtures and burnt out bulbs

Replace your house and mailbox numbers, make sure buyers can spot your home easily

Purchase a new welcome mat – make sure it says just that

Eliminate or take out half of your belongings, literally. Especially big furniture and personal decorations. You want your home to be appealing to everyone. Clutter is the most common buyer complaint. Potential buyers need to be able to visualize your home as their new home, with their belongings there.

Check throughout for water stains and clean, repair or repaint where necessary.

Make the obvious and necessary repairs. Buyers can be put off by the idea of needing to fix items or do repairs prior to moving in.

Make it shine! Every possible surface should shine, from ceiling fans to baseboards and everything in between. Don’t forget the interior windows and mirrors also.

Scrub every inch of your kitchen and bathrooms, floor to ceiling.

Depersonalize each room. Takedown any personal photos, posters or religious items. Give the buyer the opportunity to see it as their own.

Neutral décor, from curtains to bed sheets, blankets and pillows. Make sure the home is neutral

Organize drawers and closets, buyers often take a peek inside to get an idea of the storage room

Smell fresh and clean – invest in neutral candles or air fresheners throughout.


Thinking of making a move? Have questions about selling your home or what your home is worth? Give me a call or text 727-326-2963.

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