Spring It On: 7 Must-Do Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle This Season

Spring has finally sprung and pretty much everyone is happy as can be about it. The colder weather seemed to hang on a little bit longer than normal this year, and as Floridians, that’s something we aren’t too used to. Back to poolside and beach days and with our normal Florida attire – bathing suits, tank-tops, and flip-flops!

Now is also the time to take care of some things around the home. Preventative maintenance now will likely save you greatly later. This list will help get you started on this must-do spring project, so pick a Saturday and let’s get it done!

Walk It

There’s a great deal that can happen to your home during winter and spring, some of which we’re completely unaware of because we’re huddled inside. Take a couple of laps around the perimeter of your yard and home.

This is when you want to be checking for siding/stucco damage, missing or peeling paint, holes, cracks, damaged or clogged gutters, and downspouts.

After this, check your soffits, windows, screens, and any vents for damage.

Next, bring it in closer: Examine soffits, doors, windows, screens, and vents, and make a note of any damage.


Winter Yard and Garden Damage

We had some unusually cold days this winter. I know that I had a few plants that just didn’t make it.

Do you have mulched areas? Now’s the time to freshen things up by adding fresh mulch.

Rake up and clear out any dead grass, weeds, plants, and debris.

If your yard has dead or bare spots, patch them now with fresh sod pieces or grass seed.



Freshen up the Flowers

We’ve all heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers” but this is only true if you’ve done the proper prep work.

Pull the weeds! I know it’s not our favorite task, but it is a required one.

Remove any dead plants or flowers, trim back any plants or shrubs, trimming them now allows for new growth quicker.

Lastly, be sure to prepare or add fresh soil before planting new flowers.



Mower Tune-Up

Unlike our neighbors to the north, most of our yards need to be cut year-round. This is, however, the best time to make sure all of your lawn equipment is working the best it can, especially considering the work it will be doing all summer long. This goes for all of your lawn equipment, mower, edger, leaf blower, chainsaw, whatever machinery you use, you need to tune it up; regardless of how often you use it. A quick tune-up is as simple as clean the exterior, change your oil and spark plugs, and fill the tank with fresh fuel.

You should let it run for a bit before changing the oil and filter. Clean foam air filters with soap and water, and make sure your machine’s deck height is at the highest possible setting for your grass type. (Cutting too short can put stress on your lawn.)


AC Check

I can tell you from personal experience, your AC is not the item that you want to break down mid-summer.

You should be already changing your filters regularly (typically when you pay your electric bill), also spray down the outside of the condenser with a garden hose to remove any dust, dirt or debris.

Do NOT use a pressure washer, this can result in damage, which we are trying to avoid.




Dishwasher Prep

Chances are your dishwasher got a pretty good workout during the recent holidays. Now with Mother’s Day and even graduations right around the corner, you’ll want to make sure your dishwasher can handle all those dirty dishes.

Make sure your dishwasher’s drain is free of debris to prevent clogging. If your unit has a removable filter, clean it regularly with a mild detergent.

See, that wasn’t so bad now was it? I had total faith in you the whole time. Great job, your future self and home thank you for this!

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