​9 Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Delay Any Longer!

It gets very easy to overlook maintenance projects that should be done at home. Sometimes it’s okay to put off these “honey-do’s” however, not always. Here are 9 home repairs that you should never ever delay! I am personally going through this list myself at home actually. 


Caulking is rather inexpensive and pretty easy to do yourself. Its job is to keep water out of places it’s not intended to be. Inspect all showers, tubs, sinks, and around all doors and windows regularly for places that require recaulking. Don’t prolong this repair, fixing water damage later costs much more and sometimes requires professional assistance. Be sure to remove all old caulking before applying new, and let dry thoroughly in wet areas. 



Dryer Vent

Most of us were taught to clean our dryer’s lint trap before every load of laundry, when’s the last time you checked, let alone cleaned your dryer vent and tube? This should be checked at least annually to prevent buildup, which is widely known to cause fires! Be sure to clean out the lint trap compartment, the tube leading out, and the vent outside (which I see clogged more than you’d like to know).







Usually, if you have a roof leak in Florida, you find it during our regular summer showers. Leaks in your roof can snowball into much bigger problems and quickly. A simple roof leak unrepaired can result in structural damage to your home, mold (requiring professional remediation), and even damage or loss of your personal belongings. Often once you see the water leaks on your ceiling inside, there is a pretty big leak happening in your attic. Be sure to check not only the outside of the roof, but any inside you can see via the attic as well.




Though not as common in the south as they are up north, many Florida homes do have fireplaces and chimneys. Hiring a professional to clean and maintain your chimney annually will save you in the long run. A chimney sweep will remove excess build-up as well as outside flammables such as bird or bug nests. It’s also a good idea to check your fireplace and chimney prior to annual use to make sure everything is in proper working order. After you’ve started a fire is not when you’d want to learn there are problems. 




AC Filter

This is one maintenance task that many homeowners overlook and/or forget about. Leaving dirty filters in causes your AC to work harder, increase your electric bill, and overall wear out quicker. Checking your filter monthly will save you thousands later. If you’re noticing that your fan blades or air vents are building up with dust, your filters are likely to need to be changed more often. Be sure to vacuum your vent return, clean your fan blades and AC vents regularly to cut down dust. 





Whether it’s carpenter ants, roaches, rodents, or the almighty dreaded termites, if they’re invading your home, it’s NOW time to get rid of them. Delaying getting pest control out there now can turn into a big hit to your checkbook later. The treatments and repairs only add up as time goes on. There are many great local DIY pest control places that are very helpful and cost-effective for pest prevention as well. 



Plumbing Leaks

All sinks and toilet lines should be checked at least annually to ensure you have no leaks. No matter how big or small, leaks result in damage and you pouring money down the drain. You want to not only check the pipes but the area under as well for signs of water damage. Get a plumber or trained professional out to repair any leaks as soon as you find them. Be sure to check the lines for your washer while you’re at it. Better safe than sorry. 




We’ve all seen what an eyesore peeling paint can be, but did you know that it can also lead to unwanted wet places and even rot. If you have peeling paint, it’s time to scrape it down and get it repainted. Not only does it look better after, but it also helps keep your home dry and free of rot. If there are signs of previous water damage and wood rot, be sure to replace and repair those areas prior to repainting. 



Clogged gutters and misdirected downspouts can wreak havoc on your yard, exterior of your home, and sometimes even the foundation. Be sure to direct drainage away from your home and all of your gutters are clear of clogs and debris. Adding a dry rock bed or adjusting landscaping to better control water is always a good idea for Florida lawns as well. 




Remember, these 9 items are best fixed early, the longer you delay, the higher the repair cost will likely be. If you need a great local professional, let me know! 

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