What to Do the First 24 Hours of Owning Your New Home

Let’s start with Congratulations!!!

Now initial success is crucial to dictating how the first couple of months go and set the pace for living in your new home. Go with me on an adventure for the ideal first 24 hours.

Document, Photograph and Send!

Are you currently a renter? If so, it’s likely your landlord has asked you for a property condition report, complete the request as soon as you’re able, and if possible, attach photographs with the report. Be sure to keep a copy with any notes for yourself.

Your New Home! You always notice things in a home the 2nd time seeing it, and likely the 3rd or 4th as well. This is very common. During each walkthrough, take notes of things you want to upgrade, update and even change. Now is also a great time to take before photos, without an furniture and before any changes have been made to the home. 

Extra Elbow Grease

Even if your home was cleaned (professionally or not) prior to you moving in, sometimes we are so consumed by the moment we forget a few important steps. Now is the perfect time to apply some extra elbow grease to areas or spots of concern. Wipe down doorknobs, appliances, toilets, and places germs linger. You don’t want to start out sick in your new home.

Furniture Placement

Do you have furniture or items that need to be assembled? Put all of those pieces and parts together for easy assembly in their new place. The rest of your furniture should be placed in the rooms and/or area where they will be. Didn’t come with a furniture plan? Go with your gut and what works best for you and your family’s needs. 

Shower Prep and Make Your Bed

Make sure you have everything you need readily available for your shower at the end of the day. From soaps and shampoos to towels. When it’s shower time you don’t want to be hunting down these essentials. For the bed – don’t just assemble and throw a mattress on top. Make your bed as your parents (or grandparents) taught you. Fresh sheets, blankets, fluffed pillows, and everything! Your future tired showered self will thank you greatly later. 

Box Placement

Don’t just bring the boxes in and pile them inside a front or garage door. Take them directly to their new place. All boxes and furniture should be placed directly into the room or area they will be in. Try to stack them neatly against one wall, this makes unpacking so much easier. 

Essentials Box

All of those items and tasks included in your daily routine, they should be unpacked and arranged as necessary. This is everything from your coffee or tea to your toiletries and medications. Having your essentials readily available makes an adjustment to your routine much easier.

Respect the Time

We often get in our own world when we move into a new home. Not much concept of the time, just of the tasks and chores ahead of us. Take note of the time, your new neighbors, especially in condos or townhomes, might not appreciate you vacuuming, hanging pictures, and completing loud tasks at 11pm. 

Complete One Room

As small as the room or space may be, pick one room and try to complete it within your first 24 hours. This small accomplishment goes a great distance in the big picture. One completed room or space gives you an idea of the great things to come as well as the motivation to keep up the great work!

Change Doorlocks or Rekey

It’s not that we don’t trust the previous owners, but for peace of mind, have your entry doors rekeyed or replace the locks. If it is an electronic or digital lock, change the pin or access code. 

Do you have additional tips? I’d love to hear them!

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