Summer Home Security

Summer is a very traveled time by most of us. Whether we’re escaping for a short weekend or decide to travel the country, not being home at some point is inevitable.

Use that vacation time for rest and relaxation, mid-vacation time is not when you want to start stressing out about things back at home. So, here are a few tips to help you enjoy your time away!

Enjoy a carefree holiday with these 5 home security tips.

Make your home looked lived in

The mere appearance of an empty home could make you a sitting target. Make your home looked lived in, even when you’re away. Set timer switches for lights, TVs, and even music systems turn off and on throughout your time away. If you get the paper delivered, make sure to pause service while you’re away, and do NOT shut all of your curtains, unless they’re normally kept that way.

Tell a trusted friend or neighbor

Having someone nearby keep an eye on things while you’re away is always a good idea. I always encourage my house and dog sitter to stay at my home. Spend some time, hang out and enjoy the empty house. Also ask them to pick up your mail, newspapers, and any packages that may have arrived while you’re away.

Think before advertising your travel plans

It goes without saying that we want to brag and post all about our upcoming getaway, think twice before putting this information for the world to see. This confirms that your home is empty – the very opposite of our goal here. So pick those posts wisely!

Checks windows and doors are securely locked

Yes, sounds like simple common sense, but you’d be surprised what people forget about when rushing out of the house. Do a once-through checking all doors and windows before you leave. Place all keys and precious items in a safe. Did you know your insurance claim can be jeopardized if you don’t take reasonable care to secure your home, don’t make this costly mistake.

Think about how you label your luggage

Be sure to add your name, cell phone number, email address, and even destination, but leave your home address off. If you’re taking a cab or driving service to the airport, don’t do any bragging or details about your trip, but feel free to brag about your house sitter!

Now be sure to check this over again before your next trip, and last but not least, enjoy yourself!!

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