Our Renovation – The Kitchen


Our kitchen renovation was a project that made one of the biggest impacts in our home. I will it admit it was also kind of stressful, especially for a family that cooks more than eats out. But the final product, so well worth it! 

We were lucky enough to be able to reuse our cabinets, everything on and around them was replaced but the cabinets we did keep.  

We did all of the demo ourselves. Which included removing the row of top cabinets and part of that partial wall which all greatly closed off the kitchen from the rest of the house. But why those partial walls? Why was that so popular, why was it a thing? I’ll never understand…

Some moved electrical outlets and switches, removal of old intercom system and a few other random projects took place during this phase also. 

Countertops measured and custom made by a fantastic local family-owned company, Superior Solid Surface. We also ordered our new sink from them, which was installed when the new countertops were. 

Finding a backsplash was a fun adventure…

We wanted to keep it neutral but also bring the counters and cabinets together in a tasteful way that also won’t be outdated in 5 years. 

We actually took a cutting board of our countertops with us shopping. We shopped countless places but ended up at Floor and Decor. They had the largest and best selection of what we were looking for.