Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

It’s December, therefore the holiday mad rush has begun and many of us are frantic trying to finish our shopping as quickly as possible. You can always count on those couple impossible to shop for women in our life.

If it sparkles, it’s typically a rather safe bet. Since this is far from my expertise, I reached out to the experts at Royalty Jewelers for some help. They were so wonderful that they put together a 2017 Royalty Jewelers Holiday Gift Guide

5 Must Have Gifts

Layered Necklaces and Lariats


This year it’s all about the ‘layered’ look, we have all seen it, either on our Pinterest pages or on our favorite stars. Multiple dainty necklaces lying at different lengths creating a distinctive simple look that oozes sophistication and style. 

Stackable Rings

The ‘layered’ look for your fingers! Best achieved by stacking two similar rings and one accent. Match textured rings with smooth or diamond accented rings, if you want to do tri-color looks go for similar textures in different widths. This look is meant to look effortless so don’t over think it!

Colors (1).png

Statement Earrings

Earrings frame the face so they need to make a statement! They represent a person’s distinctive style and character.



These eye-catching designs are perfect for the unique and artistic kind. Freeform rings and pendants are as different as the person that created designed them. They have an organic shape that flows and are easily customizable to fit any size or shape stone.



The two-stone look is still in and is expanding in designs, gone is the diamond only look. While this design makes a gorgeous engagement ring, it also creates a beautiful right hand ring using colored gems.



Getting your engagement ring checked and cleaned every 3 to 4 months is a must! It feels good to know that all the stones are safe, no prongs are bent or broken, and it will always sparkle like the first day you got it!

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Download the Royalty Jewelers Holiday Gift Guide here.

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