Looking at Homes Online vs In Person

Shopping online is becoming more and more common, in fact, most home searches start and are mostly done online. There is a HUGE difference between home shopping online and in person, here are a couple of key factors you should always take into consideration.

It’s HUGE!  vs. Is this a room or a closet? 

Photographers often use a wide-angle lens to make everything look as large as possible. Buyers (and myself) are often surprised by how much smaller the home appears in person. While it’s a great idea to do some preliminary screening online, the logistics of size is best measured in person. 

It looks like a new home!  vs. What’s That Smell

HDR image processing can make a home appear brand new. Sometimes you wonder where the house from the photos is because in-person your perfect find can actually be a nightmare. Remember, pictures can be deceiving. Strong pet odors, mold, smoke, and other issues are surprises that you can’t experience online but would likely drastically impact your decision making. 

It looks so peaceful! vs Did I just hear gunshots?

Home staging creates a peaceful environment, but those items can also distract you from other details. It’s smart to hang out in the neighborhood for a few hours and visit on different days, at different times to get a real experience of the area.

I have a good feeling!  vs Is that a goat farm next door? 

Online listings will rarely show flaws in a property. It’s ALL positive information. Bad neighbors likely won’t be mentioned in that online blurb you read. Yes, that actually does happen.



3 Real Estate Shopping Tips

Don’t get too attached! 
Wait until you visit the property and see everything in person. That can sometimes make all of the difference in the world.

Find a great realtor, such as myself! 
As a buyer’s agent, it is my job to help you notice everything about a property, the good, the bad and even the ugly. As a professional, we notice things that you may initially overlook or not think about.

Try to be Patient 
Impulse decisions in real estate can cost major dollars and have life-altering effects.

Are you thinking of buying or selling? Have questions? I’m always just a call or text away 727-326-2963. FREE, local, professional advice is my commitment to you. Now let’s go find your happy place!

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