Fun & Creative Valentine’s Ideas

Creative Ideas for the Best Valentines Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is very different for everyone. Does the idea of buying a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a dozen overpriced roses sound so cliché to you? If so, carry on. If not, continue anyway to expand your horizons.

Here are some creative Valentine’s Day ideas to enjoy with your date, that won’t break the bank and win you brownie points for the best Valentines Day ever!

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Spend the night in a fancy hotel. Want to get away but can only manage to sneak away for a night? Book a fancy hotel for the night. Whether the evening begins with dinner and drinks at the same place as your first date or just room service. The idea is you’re out and about with your favorite company. 


Take a Painting Class. I know the Tampa Bay area has a plethora of great local paint classes that you can take. Some even allow BYOB. You don’t have to be artistic and naturally talented to have a great time doing this. We did this and I loved it, and just so you know, my stick people aren’t even pretty.


Under Star Romance. When’s the last time you had a date under the stars? Maybe it’s time. We’re very fortunate to also have long walks on the beach at night as an option. There is something very calming, relaxing and super romantic about the beach at night. If you haven’t yet had this experience, I suggest you make it happen!


Movie Marathon. At home, in comfy clothes, curled up on the couch with snacks and your favorite person. It sounds like a pretty fantastic date to me. Movie marathons or binge-watching your latest show may be exactly what you’ve been missing out on!
Take a Dance Class. Dancing to tango music can be very romantic. Dress up for the occasion and find a class near you. If tango isn’t your style, try salsa or hip-hop as an alternative. It will get your body moving and can get you in the mood for a romantic and memorable evening. Even if you can’t find a class anywhere, take your Valentine dancing at a local spot with live music anyway!


Skate Away. Whether it’s ice-skating or roller-skating, take your Valentine to the closest rink in town. You’ll find yourselves reminiscing about your childhood memories, while you get a little physical activity. Remember to catch her if she falls!


Go to a Wine Tasting. Many local wine bars allow you to stop by and taste several options before deciding on your favorite selection. Take your date to a bar known for their wine tastings, where you both can get a wine card for samples and compare notes. At the end of the night, buy him or her their new favorite bottle for the two of you to share on another date night.


Enjoy In-Room Dining. If you’ve waited until the last minute and realize that your date’s favorite restaurant is already booked, no need to fret! Pretend you’re on vacation and opt for an in-room dining alternative. You can take care of the appetizers and main course, but ask your date for input on the dessert the menu. Create great ambiance with candles, music, rose petals, and perhaps a bouquet of red tulips, if roses aren’t in your budget. After that romantic dinner, there’s no need to get a room. You’re already there.


Massage Time. Having warm oil massaged into your body is surely a treat. Who better to enjoy such a wonderful relaxing experience with, than your significant other. This is a very thoughtful idea that you both benefit greatly from. Maybe opt to have in-home massages for extra relaxation. 


Take a Cooking Class. Guys actually enjoy being creative in the kitchen. It helps with relaxation, so take him to a cooking class, where the two of you can whip up a fancy meal. Find a place to go for dessert together, with your menus in hand and order chocolate. It’s the ultimate aphrodisiac.


Make it About Music. There’s something uber-romantic about sharing music with the one you love (or like). Plus, Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love, play on.” Create the perfect playlist for your date – remember music is the gift that keeps on giving. If your date’s favorite band might be playing in the near future, surprise them with tickets. Or if you’re really feeling like letting loose, may I suggest karaoke! Nothing like singing at the top of your lungs with your favorite date to bring you closer together.


Local Exploring. Remember that limited-time exhibit or new art gallery that just opened? What better time to take advantage of exploring these new attractions with your favorite person. There are always local events, markets and things to do. Window shopping has been some of my favorite dates. 

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